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Wildglam Premium Eyeliner Black

Wildglam Premium Eyeliner Black

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Bold, Vibrant, 3D colour that makes a statement! Our brand new formula is smudge-proof and transfer-resistant for endless wear. A collection of 8 high impact shades to add to your colour wardrobe to create the season's hottest eye trends. At last, an eyeliner pencil that keeps its promises!

Step1: Use the long-lasting eyeliner to close to the roots of the lashes, 
           draw from the inside corner to outside corner
Step2: And then from the inside corner outward
           upper eyeliner bold repeatedly until draw up suitable width
Step3: From the eye outside corner to inside corner direction
           draw out the under the liner
Step4: Wipe with a cotton swab back and forth under the liner,
            make a natural transition.

    Net wt. 0.070 oz (2g)


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